The Four Different Temperaments of Love and Dating

phlegmatic-loveEach of us has a different temperament when it comes to loving. Though there may be differences in couples, it is often than not, a way of enriching one another. Dating someone exactly like us is something of a rare occurrence. However, dating someone with similar values, traits, and attitudes is more likely. Below, you’ll find the 4 different types temperaments of people when it comes to dating.

Phlegmatic- These are the types of people that take dating seriously. They are grounded on the idea that dating should be something that one is committed to and that everyone should be ready to take the big leap forward. Phlegmatic types are the ones on the prowl of looking for their long lost soul mates, always looking for the “one.”

Sanguine- these are the types that are adventurous. They are always on the verge of trying out new and exciting things, whatever keeps the spark going. Being open to all kinds of experience is their kind of thing and will gladly jump into exciting opportunities. Since they are most likely not the type of people who want to be grounded by commitment, they are not the best type for the phlegmatic.

Choleric- similar to phlegmatic, they aren’t interested that much in exciting adventures and fluff in dating. What they want is to find someone and that someone must be right. Choleric are the impatient types of people but would want something serious and dedicated in a relationship. They are attracted to the phlegmatic, even if the latter refuse to thrive with them.

Melancholic- lastly, these are the ones who are serious and down to earth. They focus on just getting things done right- which means they want to find the right person by following the traditional routes of WOW dating. They match well with only the phlegmatic.